David Brown

David Brown was born on June 15, 1955, in US California. I am famous for delicious smoker recipes, expert cooking methods, cooking tips, and tricks as well as for his cooking recipes books. I am the owner of different restaurants in the US and successfully runs his restaurants under his guidance and training.

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About David Brown – The Master Chef

I am a full-time chef, working for ProElectricSmoker.com as an advisor and reviewer of the best electric smokers. Here is my full bio

Early life

David’s family was not very rich yet he belongs to a middle-status family. His family consists of only 5 members 2 brothers, 1 sister, and his parents. When he was 15 years old his parents got divorced and both got separated. David and his brother live with their mother and now he is the younger family member. His mother was a cooking expert, she makes very tasteful and delicious recipes. Yet she always tries to cook something new, merge different recipes, and find a new one. David also helps her in cooking and learns many things about perfect cooking. She teaches David many old and new cooking tricks as well as tips. In fact, she makes him energetic and enthusiastic in order to try and cook different types of meals.


At the age of 17 when David’s parents got separated he also left his studies. He only tries to spend his time with his mother and help her in cooking. He joins a pizza parlour in order to get some money. He tries his mother teaching, tips, and tricks there and gives some new as well as more delicious flavor in the pizza.


David started his career from a small pizza parlor at the age of 18. Besides this, he always tries to find some new ways, tricks, and methods to cook more professionally. At the age of 20, he did a diploma in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America. Then he started his job in a restaurant where he learned many things with his knowledge and interest. He gave a new recipe range with some flavorful taste. At the age of 30, he started his own small cafe and at the age of 35, he turned his cafe into a big restaurant. Throughout his career, he also helps many many beginners to pick the beginners’ electric smokers.


David is not only famous for his restaurants and cooking but he is also a famous personality on tv. He has been a part of many cooking tv reality shows. David judges the taste, cooking tricks tips, and also the culinary art on the tv shows. He has been a part of top US chefs since 2007 and plays a vital role in professional cooking. Early he hosts some shows and checks the culinary art of the participants but later he becomes a judge in many cooking shows.

Personal life

David spent a tough yet also a rough childhood. The problem of his parent relationship was always a painful thing for him. Yet he struggles and works hard in order to give his mother and younger brother a peaceful lavish lifestyle. He doesn’t like to engage himself in extra things yet he only cares for his cooking skills and expertise. He read cooking books, learned new culinary art, and always tried to make some new as well as delicious recipes. At the age of 25, he got married to one of his restaurant colleagues. He has 3 children and he always gives more attention and care to his children in order to make their life peaceful and easy.


David’s journey does not end to learn new things but he wrote his famous recipes, tricks, and tips in his books. He also wrote the mother recipes that gave him the motivation and skill of cooking. His books contain not only one type of recipes but they have a lot of different spicy, sweet, sour, and flavorful recipes. He published his first book in 2000 and later on he wrote two more books. His books give many benefits to beginners in order to learn something new about cooking and also get knowledge about how to cook safely. David’s first goal in cooking is safety and he also gives safety instructions in each of his recipes.

In his cuisine book, he not only writes the ingredients and a short method for cooking but he writes a detailed recipe that everyone can learn and follow easily. He also reviewed the best pellet smokers and the best offset smokers. He divides his recipes into four parts one part is for ingredients, sendoff for tools, third for marination, the fourth one includes the cooking method and tips.

Books name

  1. David Brown Cuisines Part 1
  2. David Brown Cuisines Part 2
  3. From David brown restaurant to your table


At age 30 he started his small cafe with the name of David cuisine. He looked at all of his cafe work by himself and later as his work grew he started hiring different chefs and workers. The best thing about David is that he is very kind and supportive of his work; in return, his work shows a big loyalty to him. He teaches his chefs his tricks and tips. He also gives them training in order to give some taste beyond the expectations of customers.

His customers always enjoy his cousins and his friendly staff behavior. Later on, he decided to turn his cafe into a big restaurant. In 2004 he opened his restaurant with the same name David cuisine and gave people some more tasty and flavor cuisines. In his restaurants, he also conducted some outside training classes and coaching seminars in order to facilitate people and give them a good knowledge of cooking. Furthermore, his famous recipes that will not required that much budget and you can use them after buying the best gas grills under 300 and the best smoker under 500.

Today his 3 restaurants are working in different locations with his name David cuisines. He always takes a look at his restaurants by ensuring the level and quality of food there. He thought that in making a dish flavorful and tasty only spices does not matter your interest as well as knowledge of making a good cuisine matter a lot. In his cooking, he gives first priority to clean and hygiene food. In his restaurants, you always get more hygiene and clean food with delicious, tender juicy taste.


David always likes to spend his time in his garden and he grows fresh vegetables as well as fruits that he uses into his recipes and enhances the taste. He took care of his garden and always made it clean as well as neat in order to grow some fresh vegetables and fruits. He believes that the taste of a dish is enhanced by only using some fresh ingredients in it.


  • Outstanding service award in 1990
  • Best new restaurant awards in 1995
  • Outstanding wine service ward 2003
  • Cookbook of the year award in 1999
  • Cookbook of the year award in 2005
  • The national chief of the year 2006
  • Best American chef midwest 2002
  • Best new chef 1998
  • Best chef midwest 1999
  • Top restaurants for food 2004
  • Best culinary art 2006
  • Outstanding culinary art 2007
  • Chef of the year 2006