How to Grill a Steak on a Charcoal Grill in 2021 – Complete Guide

As there are a lot of models of the charcoal grill in the market and along with the selection of the right one the process of grilling matters a lot for perfect taste attainment. So you can get the professional taste at home by knowing the process of steak grilling on the charcoal grill.

In fact, the process of steak grilling consists of three basic steps where

1st step: The first step is to have all the necessary ingredients with your either we talk about its dressing or seasoning material or it’s about any gadget related issue. So it is very important that you already have all the things you need for steak grilling.

So we can say that make advanced preparations like cleaning process, charcoal chips arrangement, steak pieces with the proper thickness, grill grates selection, and the seasoning material.

2nd step: In the next step or in the second one we start grilling of the steaks on the charcoal grill where the charcoal grill flare-up, steak seasoning, searing, or grilling, temperature monitoring, and adjustment, and an attendance of the process is required.

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3rd step: The third step can be named as an art process where decoration of the steaks is required that is totally up to your creativity and based on your personal likes and dislikes. We can also name it as an impressive process where the main thing is serving that tells you to demonstrate your ability and also tell that how much creative you are.

After having all these points in mind the now thing that left is to start the steak grilling at a charcoal grill. So let’s begin together.

  1. Lightening of the charcoal chips

The very first thing is to light up the charcoal chips with a wood or charcoal chips so that the grates preparing can be possible by its help. So fill the basket or the fire chamber at its half and then light up it. There is no strict and rigid process for lighting up the charcoal or the chimney.

As the basic charcoal chips that are actually of the wood can flare up without any other extra effort and it’s up to you to use lighter fluid or liquid or you can also simply light it up.

  1. Grated preparation

Another most important thing that can add a perfect look and also has an assurance of a professional taste is the grates preparation. Grates preparation means to do something for the non-stick and grease-free grilling. For the grates preparation

  • Grates cleaning
  • Grates garnishing with oil

Both of these things are very important to keep in mind to get a perfect crunchy crispy outside or exterior and a moist and juicy interior.

So for a non-stick grilling, you can add oil on your wish. If you are health conscious then the use of olive oil will be the best one or you can add any other oil on your preference. If the steak has a fatty layer then there is no need to add any extra oil to it as it is more than enough to avoid the meat sticking.

  1. Steak seasoning

If we say that the tendency of the food regarding the taste, flavor, and deliciousness is based upon the process of seasoning then there is no room for doubt in this matter as it is 100% true so say that seasoning is for our smack need fulfillment.

So the process of seasoning should be attended properly with all the spices and essential ingredients that can add to the taste of the food.

  • So let’s perform the act of seasoning.
  • Make your spices properly
  • Season your steak on both sides
  • Give it a perfect coating
  • After coating leave it for 30 minutes
  • Check for the proper spices sit

If the spices show a perfect sit then it means that you have done the process of seasoning and in seasoning where we should take special care of the spices sit along with this proper thickness of the steak is very important to perform every step in a perfect direction.

  1. Direct and indirect grilling till a gray band formation

Another thing is to keep a perfect check of the grilling method, where the intramuscular fat and thickness matter a lot. First, you can put it on a direct fire but later it becomes necessary to cook it on an indirect or two-zone process.

You can also do the whole process in the indirect zone as it is a very effective but time-consuming process. And for professional result attainment, indirect grilling is the preferred process worldwide.

As the indirect or double zone process is considered to be the preferred one for the attainment of the juicy and moist inside and a crispy outside or layer.

Now the question is that how do we know that it is ready interiorly?  So the formation of the gray band is like a ready signal.

Moreover, you can also check and measure the doneness by a thermometer that can be injected into it with ease and it will give you the perfect reading.

  1. Serving

The last step after checking the steak by the thermometer or by the gray band is the serving of your grilled steak. This process is actually a creative one where you need to decorate your dish or to serve it an appropriate way.

Additionally, there is no substitute for the taste that is obtained by following this process. But you can further add to this taste by garnishing it with sauces, veggies, or by any other stuff that is totally dependent upon your preference and your likes.

So along with the above-mentioned procedure, your final touch should also be a rich one and a professional one. Because the steak created by implementing this process will show to be made by a most famous chief or by a professional person. So we can say that it will turn you into a professional chief and make to able to be praised everywhere.

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