Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker Review 2021

MasterBuilt 20075315 electric smoker is among the prominent electric smokers from MasterBuilt. This budget-friendly electric smoker prefers smooth operations and control for smoking food. Moving forward, as we unfold the classy features, you will find this electric smoker as a reliable magnificent beauty.

This smoker is also featured in our number of reviews because of its durability, performance, and quality that lives up to your expectations. Enough of its overview, let us dig deep into its review.

MasterBuilt manufactures high-quality electric smokers that are the epitome of perfection and distinguished for their unmatchable performance. For the people who adore smoke food, Masterbuilt is the premium choice for most of the beginners as well as professionals. However, if you want to read reviews about other smokers of this brand then check our review post on best masterbuilt electric smokers.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker

This electric smoker weighs around 73 pounds, but don’t worry about the heavyweight because the device has two rear wheels. These wheels assist in effortless portability from one place to another.

The peripheral features of this electric smoker include a glass pane at the front door, a digital control panel on the front, and an air damper on the top.

The glass pane gives a view of the smoked food, and the air damper maintains the flow of air along with the smoke. It also makes Masterbuilt 20075315 a front controller smoker.

An exclusive wood-chip loader is present at the sides. Through this, you can directly load wood-chips in it and provide fuel for smoking the food.


  • Powerfully-built body: The structure of the electric smoker is strong so you can rely on its strength.
  • Elegant design: The design of this machine is smart, elegant and attractive
  • The sturdy insulation system Keeps the food warm and does not let the heat escape.
  • Integrated Meat probe: Monitors and maintains the internal temperature of food.
  • Remote Control: The smoker can be controlled even if you are not nearby.
  • Easy-to-use: The digital control system is easy to use and adaptable
  • Portability: The handles and casters assist mobility
  • Dimensions: 25 x 20.1 x 40″ inches.
  • LED blue light: the luminous light that will give a clear sight even during day time

The Mighty Chamber

The paramount hallmark of this electric smoker is the 975 sq inch cooking area. Over and above that, there are four chrome-plated cooking grates on-board in the cooking chamber. This combination grants you sufficient space to cook and smoke abundant quantities of meat and vegetables.

Interestingly the bottom two racks have a larger surface area so you can cook and smoke rib racks strenuously. The internal food light will let you have a glance at the mesmerizing view inside.

You can smoke whole chicken, sea-food, turkeys, ribs, beef, sausages, burgers, and much more. Likewise, this electric smoker is at your service as you arrange large gatherings. The taste and savor infused in the food by this electric smoker would be a treat for the guests.

The heavy-duty insulation of this electric smoker increases heat-retention. It makes it functional even in colder regions, although the exterior surface does get warm to touch but not so hot to burn your fingers. Here is another excellent brand pit boss. You can also check best products of this brand from best pit boss smokers.

Heating Power

The 1200 watt heating element is the distinctive facet of this electric smoker. The heating coil gets heated as soon as the gadget is connected to an electric source. On top of that, this heating element gives you a high-temperature limit to 350℉.

With a strong insulation system and a stalwart heating system, the electric smoker is functional even at freezing temperatures. So it is suitable to say that external temperatures will not affect its job.

Temperature Control

You can adjust the temperature range between 100℉ to 350℉. It is a significant temperature range for you to cook and smoke different cuisines.

The integrated meat probe ensures the desired results are achieved as it monitors and maintains the internal meat temperature. This meat probe does not let the food get beyond the set temperature limits by you.

The next amazing feature of MaterBuilt 20075315 electric smoker is the remote frequency controller. Through this remote control, you can control the electric device with just a finger-touch even if you are at a distance.

The remote control allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat, time during smoking, and switching on/off the electric smoker even if you are a hundred feet away. So just set the stage and leave the rest to this electric smoker.

Easy to Use

If you are a beginner, then this electric smoker is for you as it is an adaptable device. The user-friendly digital interface lets you handle the smoker with great feasibility.

The MasterBuilt smokers deliver you the assembled machine. It merely requires minimal fixes with a screwdriver. Give the final furnishing touches, and it’s ready to go.

The handles and casters are attached to the electric smoker since it is considerably heavy, the wheels guarantee unchallenging maneuverability. Keep in mind, mobility through casters is not suitable for longer distances.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The chrome plating of the racks promises resistance towards corrosion and rust. These racks are not fixed so they can be drifted out from the chamber and cleaned with a typical dishwasher. The moisture of the food, however, blocks the viewing window, so you have to clean it out after every smoking session.

Since the drip-tray is present at the front and it collects all the food drippings. This efficient run-off collecting system won’t create a mess for you, and you can enjoy hassle-free cooking. Owing to the fact that the cleaning and maintenance part is quite sturdy as well as requires much effort, this electric smoker has given relief to its users. You can draw out the trays and wash them conveniently. We have also written detailed post on cleaning. Here you go, how to clean an electric smoker?.

Wood Chip system

The wood-chips are used to add flavor while smoking the food. The wood-chip loading system is allocated at the side of the smoker. This feature contributes to the trouble-free reloading of the chips.

As the loading system is patented, so no, the temperature is not disrupted as well as the heat is not lost when recharging the wood-chip box.

As there is always room for improvement, the MasterBuilt manufacturers can work to increase the capacity of this electric smoker. The wood-chips last for an interval of 45 minutes. However, you can make them last longer by soaking them in water before smoking food.


It is a medium-budget product, but it’s a one-time investment. There would be no compromise on quality, and every penny spent would be worth it. People who cherish smoke food fancy an electric smoker that is multi-functional, durable, long-lasting, and affordable. So for them, this product is of the right choice.


Warranty Period: The warranty period of this electric smoker is 90 days. This time period is quite short.

Water-Proof: The digital control panel is not water-proof. You must have to cover it to protect it from water.

Things to take care of

To enhance the durability and life of the machine, there are certain things you need to take care of.

  1. Clean the smoker thoroughly before and after smoking the food.
  2. Observe caution when the smoker is in use so that no injury occurs
  3. The assembly of the electric smoker is critical. Pay attention to the details of the machine and carefully follow the instruction manual.
  4. Cover the digital machine with a cover, so water does not damage it.
  5. Do not move the smoker when it is being used because the food-drippings may cause ignition.
  6. Be sure that the racks are correctly adjusted before smoking the food.
  7. Wipe the smoking racks before smoking the food so that you face no problem
  8. It is essential that you do not overload the cooking racks. It might disturb its performance.
  9. If you cover the drip-tray with an aluminum foil, things would quickly become manageable for you.

Why MasterBuilt 20075315?

Quality, convenience, and efficiency in performance are what the beginners and professionals desire in an electric smoker. This product serves the purpose.

Your investment in this electric smoker would be worthwhile. As a beginner, you will find this device compliant and adaptable to use. An electric smoker in which the pros outweigh the cons is a perfect device to buy. And Masterbuilt 20075315 review proves that this is a worthy product to buy.

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