About Us

The interest of grilling meat, smokers, and grills are increasing tremendously among people. Being a dad, I also wanted to smoke the best food for my family and tried to find the best smokers available in the market. Despite all of my efforts, I failed. I searched and tried many smokers and finally came up with the best one. At that moment I thought, others might be facing the same problem as me. Why not help them?

This is when I started ProElectricSmoker!

My name is David Brown and I am a professional chef. Enough of my story, let us talk about this website!

What is ProElectricSmoker? – Our Mission

Loud and Clear, ProElectricSmoker is created with the sole purpose of helping BBQ Lovers to find the best electric smokers and beginner’s recipes for grilling.

Our mission is to find products, review them, pick out the best one among them, and present them to the users in such a way that is as critical as possible.

During this process, we try to

  • Remain neutral as much as possible.
  • We try to maintain the credibility of products.
  • We present the facts about the products.

All of this is to present honest reviews so you can trust our work. I, read and review all the articles on the website which makes it among the only few websites being run by professional chefs.

Our mission is not only to focus on Electric smokers but also we are expanding our website to offset smokers, vertical smokers and bbq gas grills. We also care about our users with a limited budget so we wrote on posts like Best Electric Smoker Under $300. This doesn’t end here.

As a chef myself, I have shared my experience in the form of several mouth-watering recipes such as chicken breast smoker recipes.

If we have to conclude everything, I would say that we are going right on the track which we aimed for and soon we will achieve our mission. Here, by ‘we’ I mean, you and me. Yes, This blog is nothing without its visitors so leave your awesome thoughts in comments.