3 Best Pellet Smoker Cookbooks for 2021

Are you planning to buy a new pellet smoker? Or did you recently buy one? Either way, it is the perfect update to your regular grills. Not only does it help bake and roast your food other than just regular grilling, but it does all this in much less time. So now that you’ve found your perfect pellet smoker, you need to look for the perfect recipes. Because to wow your guests with your new pellet smoker you need to wow them with the yummy food it cooks.

Best Pellet Smoker Cookbooks

There are a number of cookbooks in the market. They have dozens of recipes that will help you create some amazing, mouth-watering dishes. These cookbooks will help you use your new pellet smoker to its full potential. Along with the recipes, these cookbooks also provide you with tips and tricks to turn any regular barbecue night into an extraordinary one. Some of the best pellet smoker cookbooks are as follows.

Best Pellet Smoker Cookbooks for 2021

1. Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue

One of the most famous books, The Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue, makes it to the top of the list when it comes to the best meat smoking cookbooks. This book is written by a very well-known author. Being one of the masters of the art of smoking meat, Jeff Phillips is bound to give his readers the perfect overview of how to turn into a pro with their meat smoking techniques in no time.

Smoking Meat

Jeff Philips is also the creator of one of the most famous websites about smoking meats. Through his online content, he helps complete beginners with the practice of smoking meat by teaching them the methods easily and quickly by a thorough step by step process.

By a step by step process, we literally mean an in-depth explanation of each step. From the process of picking the perfect pellet smoker and setting the perfect temperature and timings etc to the cutting and prepping of the meat. All of these steps are assisted with proper narration. Although this is not part of the recipe, still the author ensures that every piece of information is delivered to the reader for maximum easiness.

This cookbook has a total of 208 pages with recipes for all kinds of meat cooking. Duck meat, quails, fish, chicken pieces, beef roast, and even frog legs and many more. You can make the most amazing burgers or steaks. You can get recipes for even the most amazing sauces and rubs to go with them as well.

Although the book is mainly focused on the recipes of smoked meat dishes and its sides however Jeff Philips has put in extra effort into this book. He includes recipes for amazing salads as well that will help balance out the acidity from all that scrumptious meat. So that you can have the perfect meal experience with the best combination of foods. To bring it all together some dessert recipes have also been included at the end. This is perfect for people who prefer something sweet at the end of a hearty meal.

2. Weber’s Smoker: A Guide To Smoke Cooking For Everyone And Any Grill

The Weber’s Smoker: A Guide To Smoke Cooking For Everyone And Any Grill, is one of the top books in the market for beginners to learn the best smoking and grilling techniques. It consists of about 85 different recipes. It provides the reader to get all the necessary information regarding the classical smoked dishes as well as those from the modern cuisines like the mouth-watering smoked pork chops and smoked turkey breast.

Weber’s Smoker

The author of this book Jamie Purviance is one of the most well-known chefs. He is an expert at perfecting all grilling and smoking techniques giving the most outstandingly flavored dishes. He has written many other best-selling books as well. Other than that, he has also been featured in many highly-rated cooking television shows across national television.

Apart from a number of recipes of dishes that can be prepared on the pellet smoker, in this book, the author brings a variety of recipes that can be prepared using the regular grills as well. Along with recipes, this cookbook enlists a number of personal professional tips as well. These help the reader obtain better results from their techniques. These extra tips help save time as well as extra costs.

Another interesting point of this cookbook is that it offers a number of combination ideas. It helps the reader to develop an understanding of which side or sauce will taste best with certain meat. Also, the reader can take help from this book to determine the kind of temperature and cooking time each kind of meat requires to get the perfect dishes smoked to perfection.

3. Project Smoke By Steven Raichlen

The Project Smoke by Steven Raichlen is one of the best cookbooks when you are looking for a variety of smoking techniques. It helps add a touch of versatility to your dishes. Every kind of smoking technique has its own flavor and fun whether it is hot or cold smoking or even roasting. Hence this cookbook ensures you are aware of all the different ways of smoking your meat to attain the most flavourful dishes cooked to perfection.

Project Smoke By Steven Raichlen

The author of this book Steve Raichlen is a genius when it comes to the art of smoking meat. For some dishes, in only a few basic steps he can teach beginners to smoke the perfect piece of meat. The directions help choose the right kind of equipment. It also guides the reader to pick the perfect ingredients. Preparing the suitable sides and sauces with each dish is a skill you can learn from this cookbook. Steve Raichlen takes you through the complete process for step by step learning.

This book enlists about 100 exquisite recipes. These amazing dishes include smoked pulled pork, smoked ribs, and the flavorsome smoked fish. Apart from the main courses it also has recipes for the appetizers. These appetizers taste amazing in combination with the smoked pieces of meat. Finally, some dessert dishes are also included in this book that works well to complement these meaty recipes.

When we say it’s the ultimate guide we really mean it. Apart from the ingredients and cooking methods it also focuses on listing the exact kind of seasoning required for each kind of meat. Similarly, it helps you develop your own sense of creativity to determine what kind of seasoning you want to use for a certain dish. All these tips and lessons can help even beginners to become masters of smoking and grilling dishes in no time.

Wrapping Up

With the pellet smoker gaining popularity over the regular grills, you really need to upgrade your recipes. In order to make the perfectly smoked pieces of meat, the top 3 cookbooks mentioned above can be a complete game-changer for you. These books provide their readers with complete information regarding the operation of the meat smoking equipment as well as the preparing of meat for each individual dish.

These cookbooks will give you an in-depth explanation of what combination of flavors will give you the perfectly balanced taste in your dishes. Hence it is time you get hold of these amazing cookbooks and reveal your true culinary skills. With these books in hand, get ready to surprise your guests with the most flavorsome, perfectly smoked dishes served at your very next home event.

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