How to Grill Frozen Steaks in 2021 – Complete Guide

If you are one of those people who want want to get a crispy exterior and a moist interior by grilling the frozen steak then you can easily get this by being aware of the method of grilling. It happens that even after having all the required tools and accessories we cannot get the prescribed taste and that is only because of the improper way of grilling. But now you can get much better taste and results by using the following tricks.

There are few points that should be kept in mind before grilling your steak and there are also some concerns that are for be kept in mind during and after grilling.

Before grilling

  • Proper freezing of the steak
  • 1 to 1 ½ thick steak
  • Seasoning after the searing
  • Arrange things to be used during grilling
  • A presser or cooking spoon

During grilling

  • Two zones or indirect cooking
  • Temperature measure
  • 10 minutes searing
  • Creative seasoning

After grilling

  • Creative serving
  1.  Proper freezing of the steak

Before grilling it is very important to freeze the steak in a proper way. And in its proper freezing the surface, proper cover, and freezer working matter a lot. So for the proper grilling, it is very important to freeze it in an approved way.

Now the question arises that how to freeze our steak? So there are few tips to act upon for the better and official results attainment as

  • Freeze it at a flat surface
  • Use of baking sheet
  • Proper coverage of the steak
  • Removal of the air

Freeze time and thickness also matters a lot all these things or points help in appropriate freezing. So it is very important to keep in mind that the steak should be thick with a steak bag where no air should enter and it should also keep at a flat surface.

It should not be kept in the freezer for too long but 3 to 6 months are more than enough for proper freezing. Another very important thing is that grill your steak immediately after its prescribed level and time

  1. Flat surface

Either we talk about freezing or grilling it is very important to take a strong measure of the surface.

As for the freezing, it is a strong requirement that the surface should be flat and for the grilling, it should able enough to bear a strong pressing during searing.

  1. Two-zone or indirect grilling

Another thing that is very important to keep in mind is that always grill your steak indirectly. As the direct grilling can spoil the taste of the steak with overcooking or even surface burning can burn by overcooking.

So if you want a moist and juicy interior with a crispy and crunchy exterior then it is very important to adopt an indirect cooking method. Actually, the process is known as the two-zone grilling where one is with high heat and the other one with relatively low heat. And with an indirect or low heat process, we can get the preferred taste.

We can understand its importance by a simple question that would you like to eat food that completely raw on the inside and burnt on the top? And definitely, your answer will be like strong no. so for the proper and tasteful inside two areas setting is very important.

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  1. A measure of a proper thickness

For the attainment of the professional results the thing that also mattes a lot is that your steaks should have proper thickness. If your steak is thin then it is impossible to get the preferred and delicious serving. As it will get overcooked exteriorly but not inside. So it’s is very important to keep your steak thick enough for the proper grilling and it should be up to 1 to 1½ inches in thickness. And that is an ideal thickness for a frozen steak.

  1. Temperature monitoring

You can grill a frozen steak with a maximum taste driven and with a taste as you wish for by keeping vigilant monitoring of the temperature.  Such type of monitoring allows you to know the need for the product and turning the cool and un grilled side will also help you.

So for the temperature measurement, you can use the thermometer that will instantly read the present temperature and keep you aware of it.

As you can choose from low, medium to well medium temperature. Ranging from 115 to 150 Fahrenheit a temperature adjustment can be done.

  1. Steak searing

Another important thing in the frozen steaks grilling is its searing which plays a very important role in the perfect finishing. As the texture matters a lot and adds texture, crispiness, and juicy touch to both sides searing is necessary.

A perfect searing can be achieved within 6 to 7 minutes of slapping. And it is important to slap it on both of the sides for professional taste attainment.

  1. Add seasoning

The process of seasoning is totally up to you as a person can season the steak on personal likes and dislikes. As there are people who prefer simple seasoning with salt and paper and there are also some people who prefer sauces and other spices.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that don’t season the steak before searing. As the process of searing is to slap that means to get out of seasoning. So always season after searing that is totally up to your taste and your preference.

  1. Gray band edges

Keep the steak at the preferred temperature with a strong thought to attain a gray band. As the gray band edges mean a perfect inside with a moist steak neither overcooked nor raw.

  1. Thermostat doneness temperature

After all the above mentioning procedure take a perfect measure of the temperature doneness and it can be done with a thermostat that is uniquely designed for the steak temp measure. It will help you to measure all the edges temp for the professional result attainment.

  1. Serving

Now the final point and tip are to serve your steak in an appropriate way. Even now you can also garnish it by putting some look adding your preferred dressings to it.

Now it’s up to your creativity to dress it either with cheese, chard, onion chips, leaves, tomato chips of ketchup, or with any other look attainment.

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